Guocoland public limited comes out with yet another stunning residential park at Sims drive called Urban Oasis

Sims- Urban Oasis, the new condominium being launched at SIMS drive by real estate developers Guocoland limited, a well known public holding company. The sims drive condo is stretched over an area of 23,900 m2/ 257,164 sq ft and offers luxurious living. The property covers an array of comfortable stuffs like Malls, schools, eateries as well as medical stores.

guocoland public limited comes out with yet another stunning residential park at sims drive called urban oasis

The 99-year leasehold condominium is expected to start operating by mid 2018 and will be comprising of approximately 3 towers of 900 units. Every unit is designed with elegance and quality furnishing. Branded and superior quality fittings can be seen in well made rooms.

Located at Sims drive, the condo is advantageously situated in close proximity of central business district which can be reached via kallang paya lebar expressway, Nicoll Highway and also Pan Island expressway. It is located right next to the famous and widely known Aljunied station and will offer likely residents number of recreational and fun activities. Urban oasis will endow residents with unique and one of its kind facilities such as indoor gyms, club house, tennis court, swimming pool, guard house as well as dining area.

It’s an iconic work of art by the leader developers of Singapore; urban oasis at sims is a landmark at Sims Drive. Expected people can also look forward to services like parks, sports facilities and community clubs in the near future.

One of the main attraction includes walkable distance to kallang sports hub, Suntec city, Central business district, Suntec city and paya lebar business hub. Moreover it provides outstanding amenities for entertainment and enjoyment. With all these amenities and world class facilities, Sims drive-an urban oasis is an ideal choice that clubs luxury living with all the basic comforts.

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Explore The Fun Of Living In Mixed Commercial Locations Perfectly

Living life to the fullest is best possible to you with Yishun NorthPark Residences offering you the desired comfort in a perfect manner. Premium accommodation guaranteed to you with the inclusion of various features too will prove to be most effective to you in the long run. Exclusive shopping complexes available in the near vicinity will prove to be most effective to you as far as exploring the ultimate quality features is considered. Getting pampered with premium comfort without spending anything extra is easily possible in this regard leaving you in a state of amazement for sure.

explore the fun of living in mixed commercial locations perfectly

Accessing The Ultimate Residential Units With Ease

Online real estate offers in Singapore must have always excited you because of the excellent quality living facilities offered to the core. NorthPark residences Yishun are best known for the luxury amenities that are included to you on an additional basis. For instance, the instant access you could have to the reputed schools in the area will help you in securing the academic life of your children in an assured fashion. Several communal activities too could be accomplished in a premium manner providing you with the perfect quality of life in an exclusive fashion that you expect.

Perfect Transport Connectivity Saving Your Time And Money

Imagine the extra efforts you need to take to commute to farther locations. Such complex issues could be avoided with the perfectly aligned residential apartments in condominiums providing you ultimate luxury as well. NorthPark residences Yishun reflect prestigious ventures with optimum deals considered in an exact manner that you expect to the core. Getting along with your latest requirements in a precise fashion too is something what you need to focus upon so that you could offer a perfect living choice to your family. Leading life with grandeur is something what you get to realize on an additional basis for sure. Study the NorthPark Residences floor plan and decide for a unit at this prestigious project today!

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In the lap of luxury

Planning to buy a residential property in Singapore? It can be a difficult task given the sky rocketing property rates in the country. Nonetheless, if you have made up your mind then there is something you need to take care of to ensure that your money is invested in the right place.

in the lap of luxury

Where to buy a house?

The answer to this depends on the purpose for which you are buying one. If you wish to buy a house for your own living then the yardstick becomes a little different. You need to ensure that the property that you buy is well connected with the rest of the city especially the areas which concern you on a daily basis (work place and educational institutes).

It should be able to provide amenities like security, entertainment, medical care, shopping, and play zone for children, health and fitness oriented activities like swimming pool, gym, tennis courts, badminton courts etc. The kind of people who live in that complex should belong to the same or similar society as you. It would be difficult to live amongst the ultra rich or those whose annual income is substantially lower than yours. Finally, but the most important aspect is that it should match your budget. Thus opting for symphony suites Singapore would be a good idea.

Setting aside a budget

The island nation of Singapore is an expensive place to live. Things are no different when it comes to buying a property there. So, if you wish to buy a home to call your own then you need to begin with the budget. It would be good to get a rough idea from a property dealer or estate agent about the market rates in various areas. From here you need to calculate backwards to understand how much money you will have to borrow from the bank. Also important is the emir or the monthly installment that you will have to pay against the loan.

A place called home

Buying a house straight from the developer is a better idea than going through agents. Symphony suites Singapore is an upcoming luxury condominium in District 9. The complex has more than 400 houses which are divided into blocks of 4 to 7 storeys. Located along Mount Sophia, the complex offers exclusive apartments set in lush green and peaceful surroundings. The individual units are designed with extra care. Right from the quality of finishes to the appliances in the kitchen, attention has been given to the details to give the residents the top of the line in luxury.

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Marine Blue – The perfect home for a Growing family

Marine Blue condo is a new development by Capitaland located at the center of the Marine Parade Road, in the East Region of Singapore. Considering the building’s place that is urban, it is perhaps not astonishing why it is near some outstanding comforts for a household. It’s close to coach stations, like Chatsworth International College or Kinderland Pre-School, including colleges for kindergarten to junior students, and the Eunos MRT. Even if you’re located smacked right at the center of Marine Parade, you’ll still appreciate peace and the serenity the condominium offers. The conveniences in the region, in the shopping center to the food centers are ample to keep you occupied, if you would like to do family tasks. Marine Blue has easy accessibility to shopping centers where their requirements, from grocery stores and food to boutique stores and banks, can be located.

marine blue perfect home for growing family

It’s perfect for households with tons of strategies to relax and appreciate life, with the building’s closeness to 112 Katong, Parkway Parade, and Paramount Shopping Centre, which are all shopping centers, along with leisure places including the East Coast Park and the Singapore and Chinese swimming clubs. Marine Blue can also be a just 15-minute drive away from Central Business District. Dwelling at the center of the city generally means unable to get near to character as you’d enjoy. Nevertheless, Marine Blue is not same with its resort-style living!

All these amenities make Marine Blue an appropriate condominium for a household that is growing. It’s possible for you to ensure their security with guards always observing BBQ place, and the whole building and a club house, pool, resort area where you are able to amuse your family members and friends. It’s possible for you to look after the well-being of everyone as you assemble to work out in the indoor and outside work out stations also!

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Stay at the renowned South beach residences Singapore

South beach residences Singapore is a novel blended property development in one of the liveliest of Singapore’s locale. The immense development incorporates both private and business premises in a luxury home with lofts, top of the line office spaces and retail outlets. South Beach will likewise have a hotel, a parts’ club and innumerable amusement comforts and opportunities. A City Developments LTD and IOI bunch advancement, South Beach near The Esplanade and City Hall meters inside Singapore’s Downtown focal centre. Discovering a superior area and setting would be outlandish.

stay at tge renowed south beach residences singapore

About South Beach Residences

There are now four memorable structures on a piece of the territory secured by the development site, which are now subject to preservation assurance in light of the fact that they are truly and socially huge to the Singaporean individuals. Two towers will presently join these verifiable structures. These towers will be innovatively developed, and appealing to the eye. South Beach offers everything; picture postcard perspectives of Marina Bay, the Orchard Road shopping locale or Downtown Singapore, 360 degree views from condo and penthouses, and a delightful lifestyle under one tremendous top. Other such developments cannot even verge on the South Beach offer. South Beach’s numerous points of interest could speak to a speculation chance to speculators or home seekers.

South Beach Residences Icon

South beach residences Singapore’s naturally cordial outlines and numerous gimmicks take its occupants towards the green life and its two green imprint platinum recompenses perceive this. The vast baldachin, which will blanket the towers and the space between them, will go about as a downpour collecting gadget and there will additionally be photograph voltaic cells inside the overhang’s structure, to create sun powered vitality, along these lines capitalizing on Singapore’s tropical climate and making the development a noteworthy earth manageable configuration. The luxury private property, 190 stunningly designed luxury homes, will be found on carpets 23 to 45 of the South Tower.

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Lavish 5 star living at Highline Residences

A home is an area which was meant for resting after a day’s significant work, but also should be appealing. The developer, Keppel Land Limited have produced new condominiums keeping in mind ease and extravagance. These luxury houses stand in the center of town, a place which is enviable. These homes have every thing that can fill your imaginations. Being in this city’s heart, these condominiums don’t deprive kids of the free-play rates which are seldom found in the urbanized towns of today.

lavish 5 star living at highline residences

Highline Residences essentially pampers one to such extents that are great, that living elsewhere will not appear possible. It’s like dwelling in a resort daily that is 5 star! Picture if a couple of hours in a 5 star resort can be lavish what would it be like to live all your life? There are a number of people who live in a exuberant house and would like to stay in a rich way for dwelling. On the off-chance which you’ve got the identical vision, you then could achieve it with the Highline Residence.

The leading edge to choose for highline residences is that it’s quite near to areas and excellent scene locations found in Tiong Bahru. Also, Tiong Bahru plaza is only few blocks a way and in addition, it serves the demand of perfect and bona fide food and dining as well as shopping centres that may readily meet the purchasing requirements. Another edge which is added to the listing it travelling, it might be quite appropriate as MRT station is only walking distance traveling away. It serves an ideal home of the dreams’ entire bundle. A few other advantages such as it’s found in a serene and peaceful locality providing you with a piece of head and great relaxation as well as facilities that are tremendous. Highline Residences cost is set in line with conveniences and the regular services supplied which may encounter finances.

Well, investing does not come that also if the investment is in high-end property subsequently paying out added isn’t a huge problem and easy. Highline residences price may be somewhat more than what the homes that are routine as mentioned, these homes will not be homes: they’re life-styles. Highline residences can be chosen by one from choices like 2BR, 1BR and homes. Every flat is designed remembering the residents’ relaxation. These highline residences are found in the center of the city removing the travel time dramatically for residents’ comfort. Highline residences can cost more as opposed to routine condominiums downtown, but the quality is not undoubtedly lower than the prices that it’s on provide. These homes are the ones that every person dreams of possessing. Worth is added by the strategic place of these condominiums in the center of the metropolis to it.

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Luxury real estate- my own secret

My biggest sale till now

I scored a ranking two years back for cracking a good deal by selling an 8 bedroom, 10 bathroom mansions in UK. I was in this luxury real estate marketing business since so many years and this so many years of experience helped me to crack this deal. I have done a lot of sales and the experience gained from these sales helped me to deal with the customers, understanding their mind and convincing them for this deal.

My biggest asset is experience

I have gained a lot from this deal and this experience is my biggest asset. A lot of strategy was made by me to precede this sale. The customers nowadays have full knowledge and are very smart; I had to deal with them with very smartly. Real estate was my part time business. I used to work in economic consultancy firm. At that time I used to keep on buying the best available property by investing all my funds in it. Thus I entered this business from finance side. Today now after I have closed my biggest deal till now I would suggests all the other agents that the customers trust us so much, it’s our duty to satisfy them with all their wants and show them the real value.

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Luxury real estate-Facts to know

I was interested in buying a luxury real estate property, and started looking for the same. I knew that the process implemented for buying general real estate may not be applicable when buying luxury property. But, I dint know the challenges that has to be faced when looking for such a property, through my friend I came to know that the price, location and also the exclusivity of the affluent properties often bring some special challenges when looking for this kind of real estate. Furthermore, I came to know that present day’s luxury properties are not just limited to mansions or bungalows in a city’s neighborhoods, but there are wide assortment of luxury properties ranging from penthouses, condos, vacation homes and lots more. Essentially, I understood that it requires a bit of extra effort to get a luxury property suiting my needs.

Top tips on buying luxury property

Unlike general real estate properties, most of the luxury properties are not advertised. The fact is that most of the luxury real estate is unlisted to protect the property seller’s privacy. Thus, it was essential for me to have connections with the best realtors specializing in selling such property. Finding luxury property and making a deal was much easier for me with the guidance and assistance of the best real estate agent. I got the precise information regarding the luxury property, the market rates and also the neighborhood from the buyer agent. When shopping for luxury home it is vital to consider the best home buying tips to have the bestbenefits. I purchased the luxury home after ensuring that the property is in accordance to my requirements and budget. Investing in luxury property requires extra research and care. With the aid of real estate agent is was possible for me to find the best luxury property and also at reliable price.

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Luxury real estate – for lavishness with comfort

Everyone would desire to have an adobe that comprises of all the luxuries there is on the planet. People would at least want to enjoy all the luxuries at least once in their lifetime. But only a lucky few would be able to enjoy all the lavishness and highest level of luxury in their lifetime. Some people would own the luxury one can only imagine for daily use. But for those who aspire to get if not highest level of luxury but some good quality level then there are developers who are providing such with condos. They are providing easy payment schemes so that people can arrange for funds from sources in terms of installments and finally own the property with completion of last payment. They would own the property soon the first payment is made and that brings the joy of approaching such schemes. People would be provided with most possible level of luxury for the amount they have paid.

Found a means to attain the luxury I dreamed

I am one such aspirant who wants to enjoy all types of luxuries that is available in the world. I have been trying to save the money and spend it on the aspects that are luxurious and expensive. But now I want to have a place that can help me enjoy the luxury with comfort in home. I was searching for such offers and then I came across few developers who are building condos and villas that comprise of most possible luxury one can imagine. Luxury real estate that is available for sale can be a great option as the price would be high for any one to purchase in one goes but when broken in terms of installments it would not be an unachievable rates. There will be available of longer duration installments from which we can get less installment rates per month and meeting those premiums would be much better when considering the luxury features that are being offered with condos and villas.

At last owned the luxury I dreamed

I found one such popular property developers who are building a plot comprising of both luxury condos and villas. The appeal of those properties just took my breadth. The moment I found the details and saw some of the plans I made up my mind to go for it. Though the amount was too huge for me to bear, I wanted to enjoy the luxury and hence I was ready to take the risk. I contacted some of the property dealers and few banks and cracked a fine installment plan that would help me pay in easy installments and the period was long hence it would get less. Though I will end up payment a lot as installment and interest but considering the luxury real estate that is being offered, the amount would be nothing. I managed to get loan and now I am a proud owner of one among the lavish villas that most of my friends and others can only dream of owning. I am enjoying my stay in here every bit and would want to stay in as long as I live.

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Tips for buying luxury real estate

In every corner of the market in this world, luxury real estate are available, but the you have to make a proper difference between this type of property and other type of property. What are the factors that make it different from other type of properties? Price, Area, architecture? All most all the luxury apartments are targeted by the most economically stable people in this society. Recent trend in the luxury real estate’s includes villas, beachside houses and pent houses that too in the best of best places .Though the trend in the luxury real estate’s varies but still there are certain factors that always remain the same.

Luxury real estates can be by considering many factors. Mainly characteristics of the estates and its neighbourhood and remaining factors are review of the property views, landscape and rest of the special features. The foremost important factor is its location. Estates located with amazing ocean views and located in the affluent areas of the city and estates on the large plots can also be considered as luxuries. In some top areas of the city, price alone makes the property luxuries. Features of the home that increases its value are facilities available, amenities provided and also the location of the home. The process of purchasing a luxury property is not a simple task,it involves a lengthier process .The main reason is keeping in my mind about the client financial position.Luxury real estates are marketed in a different way than that of the regular standard homes.

The process of buying a general real estate and luxury real estate varies. Luxury properties in today’s world are not just limited to mansions and villas in the city surroundings; it can even extend from penthouses, vacation stay homes and secluded properties. Though there are wide varieties of luxury properties available, it requires bit extra effort in order to find such luxuryproperties from an authorised dealers.

Tips for the purchase of your dream luxury estate

Here are some of the tips to buy your luxury estate from my experiences:

• Search: when I planned for the purchase of a luxury property, I went to the concerned dealer in search of it.But unlike the regular properties it was not nor advertised in their book. Then after a long conversation with the dealer then came to know that, luxury properties are unlisted from their regular properties in order to protect the dealer’s privacy. So it’s better to keep contact of the concerned dealers who can satisfy your requirements.
• Marketing: At my first view I judged a property just by having a look at the photo , then when I visited the home physically, I came to know that it’s not good to judge the property just by the photo. It is difficult to capture the beauty of the home by its dimension and scope. I personally requested forthe property type in which I was interested, after that I got the clear and view of my dream home.
• Documentation: when you buy a luxury home, you will be in the high end in the market and your financial status has to be scrutinised. So I carefully managed all the documents which were a proof for my income.

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